Solar panels cleaning

photovoltaic systems cleaning
in Sardinia

Not everyone knows that without regular cleaning, the solar panels' performance is hugely hindered. Margherita e Mundar Cleaning Company offers a top-quality, fully dedicated solar panel tidying service as part of its range of professional cleaning services in Olbia and the rest of Sardinia.
house with solar panels on roof

Why clean your solar panels?

Over time, atmospheric agents, fumes present in the air and crystalized organic substances gradually deposit on the surfaces of solar panels, bringing about a gradual lowering in efficiency and therefore, a rise in consumption. Carrying out periodic cleaning is therefore essential - just contact us and we'll take care of it!


The company Margherita e Mundar from Olbia, is also active in the provinces of Sassari and Nuoro in Sardinia, taking care of the cleaning, the washing and the maintenance of solar panels installed on photovoltaic roofs on both private and industrial properties. Our cleaning equipment is guaranteed and certified to ensure the best possible results.

Up to the minute techniques

We are always attentive to the latest cleaning techniques and tools available. As such, we're proud to say that we now have many years of knowledge and experience in the highly technical cleaning and maintenance of solar panels. We're pleased to have become the market leaders in what is configuring as a long lasting technology: we can ensure in fact, solar panels that last longer with maximum functionality.
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